Make Money Online Working From Home - Does Such a Thing Really Exist?

Make Money Online Working From Home - Does Such a Thing Really Exist?
By Octavien J. Remillard Platinum Quality Author

This question is posed to me often. Is it all hype or can actual cash be made from a simple internet connection?

I know how frustrating it is out there. I grew so tired of seeing all the zero's in my ClickBank account that after a while I stopped looking and almost fell out of my chair when a week later I checked and a sale was registered. I had finally started getting internet income!

There are tons of ways to make money working from home. It is the ultimate business opportunity. The problem is that we are like little farm kids standing on the sidewalks of Vegas for the first time gawking at all the pretty lights. Nothing is what it seems and we see only what we want to see.

There is lots of hype and outright lies out there. The solution for me to make money online was to stay at it. This quote from Edison haunted me. "It is incredible the number of people who quit just when they are on the verge of succeeding."

The system works, boys and girls. You send enough people to a sales page and a certain number will buy.

ClickBank pays on schedule, every time. So does PayPal, every time.

This is what I found that works for me to make money online:

* I don't believe everything that is said (Even if I said it. Question everything).
* I print out anything that seems promising and reread it once every few days. Sometimes I'll read something months later. It is amazing what my eyes and mind don't pick up on the first or tenth reading.
* I always scribble notes in the margins and between paragraphs.

Case in point. A year or so after I started my first site, I was desperately trying to generate revenue, ANY revenue. One fella said, " If you have hundreds of articles and ads on the first page of Google results pages, you should be making this much."

I had dozens of pages out and not one sale. It took me the longest time and many rereadings to let it sink it that he said HUNDREDS and on the FIRST PAGES.

This was a whole new ball of wax. We are talking a lot of work here. In the meantime, he had managed to sell me "tools" to succeed.

Be ready for a long pull if you are serious about making money online. It is worth it and yes you can make money from home in almost anything that interests you. Just remember that catering to people like you and me is a cottage industry.

Read everything you can and reread it again. There is only one way to succeed. Working from home involves work. Whether you are writing articles or web pages, keep them going out there. It is the key to success.

On a happier note, the harder you have to work and the more material you get out there before your home business "makes it" means that your final web sites or whatever business model you are using is on much stronger footing because of the blood, sweat and tears.

Ever been somewhere and you can't find a salt shaker that is right in front of your eyes until someone comes and points it out to you? Same human principle applies here.

Can you see now why it is important to reread what we are given?

Can you also find it in your heart to give me the benefit of the doubt that maybe a person actually can make money online working from home?

I hope so. Belief is the most important ingredient if you want to make money online.

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